Basically, the question, at the heart of the desire and the will to bring out subsidiarity, freedom, responsibility, dignity & efficiency from the heart an organization, could be expressed as follows:

How to touch “hearts and minds” to triger deep and lasting transformations of attitudes and behaviours… “for real”?

It is a cultural and organizational transformation in depth and over time.

Cultural and organizational transformation approaches are finding their way— a very specific path for every human community that moves – within the four “territories of deep transformation” described in the diagram below (inspired by the comprehensive approach of Ken Wilber and Frédéric Laloux’s “Reinventing organizations”).

The key element of this diagram is the circular arrow in the center. It shows that each movement, envisaged or realized, has 4 dimensions that will slow it down or stimulate it: thus “getting moving for real” requires a 4-dimensional accompaniment work:

  • What happens in everyone’s “inner self”, between fears, beliefs and aspirations.
  • What happens in “collective culture”, more or less unconscious beliefs/routines that inhibit or stimulate individual initiatives and collective movements.
  • Concrete personal shifts in the practice of giving or taking power.
  • New individual or collective initiatives, with “prototyping” and “transformation catalyst” effects.
  • And when it’s ripe, or when circumstances lend itself to it or demand it, more radical organizational transformations: it could be called “the time for large scale operations.”

It’s about working in depth over time:

  • Fostering an emerging approach.
  • Accompanying actors with care and demand in a personal transformation to serve a collective transformation.
  • Respecting everyone’s freedoms.
  • Giving everyone time to make their own way.

And as a result, the bearers of the approach resist the process temptation: trying to take everyone on board at the same time.

Accompanying levers on 4 territories

These levers correspond to our experience of approaches. But always, they will be co-constructed and adjusted constantly.

  • Launching and maintaining a “call dynamic”
  • Inspiring a group of transformative volunteers
  • Raising and reinforcing shared meaning and vision
  • Raising prototypes with pollination, then crystallization
  • Accompanying managers and project owners over the long term in the adoption of an individual and collective coaching posture
  • Collectively setting a framework, golden rules
  • Creating a culture of support beyond managers
  • Bringing about new governance, new subsidiarity and decision-making practices
  • Leading the process

And all this in co-construction, one step at a time in the energy of a shared vision…


A transformational process inevitably involves its part of resistance, even suffering. To take into account the four territories in a systemic way is to limit them to the bare minimum. Forgetting a territory is creating unnecessary brutality. It is not speed, or “parachute jumps” that create this unnecessary brutality: it is the systemic non-consideration of the 4 territories.