our activities

Enabling and supporting cultural and organisational transformations around freedom, responsibility and dignity values has been at the heart of Toscane experience for more than twenty years.

Through these accompaniments, we have perceived the importance of strengthening the capacity of leaders, but also coaches to carry out approaches with the Toscane background and tools in their own environments.

This is what led to the creation of the Toscane Development program for leaders and coaches.

Toscane Digital responds to Toscane mission as it is now: “To bring to the greatest number, in a simple, concrete and inspiring way, the experience and the hope that the most human and the most living is the most efficient sustainably.”

Moderating the Toscane community, which grows over time, is the third activity of Toscane.

Finally, the offer Toscane Young Professionals prepares future leaders to fulfil their role with the three Toscane values: freedom, responsibility, dignity.