Toscane Accompagnement enables and supports cultural and organizational transformations serving people and organization mutual growth.

At the start of each transformation, there is a face-face meeting between Toscane and a leader who truly wants to embark on a “human adventure”, with the values ​​of freedom, responsibility, and therefore dignity.

One goal : unleash talents and free up energies in organizations.

Toscane Accompagnement is guided by two convictions supporting our approach:

The most alive and the most human is the most efficient sustainably.

 The best of Humanity appears when circumstances enable it. 

Eventually, the question is: “How to touch hearts and minds? to make deep behiavours, profound and real transformations happen in companies?

Our story

At first, this is all about an meeting of 2 men:  Christophe Le Buhan and Jacques Santini, more than 20 years ago, who realized that they shared the same convictions that built up Toscane Accompagnement.
Between the 2 of them, it is just like a lab that gradually makes the essence and the tools of Toscane grow organically. What Toscane brings to the world was first experienced between the 2 of them and then brought to a community of companies. 

They experience the power of resonance:  when no one has anything to defend, when the ego vanishes.
They set up a continuous, organic vision process enabling the power of “Visualizing far to act short”.

They let Toscane emerge with a touch of wonder: indeed Toscane emerges step by step over the years nurtured by their Vision and the other way round.
Keeping the Vision, Resonance and Emergence alive with continuity, regularity, one step after another.

Today, this story has enabled a community to grow naturally: leaders, employees, consultants, facilitators, whether they are employees of companies or professional coaches. And, it is within this community that the essence and methods continue to be created and experienced.
Twenty years later, the foundations are alive and being lived every day in this community.

Toscane, our mission

Our mission has gradually been revealed to us and has become clearer with all the stakeholder parties in our ecosystem. It supports our actions and guides us in all our decisions and initiatives.

Share with the many, in a simple and inspiring way, the experience and the hope that the most human and the most living is the most effective sustainably.

The mission of Toscane is defined by 4 actions: explore, transmit, support, take care.

Explore and Transmit paths to living organizations worthy of man, for men worthy of living organizations.

Concretely support organizations and their employees to deploy their identity and their deep vitality through 3 values: freedom, responsibility and dignity.

Take care of learning and interdependent professional communities, men and women sharing our core of values, and engaged in their own transformation for the transformation of their ecosystem


Toscane goes where it is called, without limits other than its means.


Christophe and Jacques felt the need to write a book sharing their experience with clients and companies: “The foundations of Human leadership”.


If we had only one wish : that none can say “I did not know how to get there, so I did not try.”


Our experience, research and work have led us to write “The Human Foundations of Leadership”. The integration of the teachings of this book is at the heart of Toscane Accompagnement. Though, our sources of inspiration are various. Here are some women and men that inspired us. 

The vision of mankind: Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Carl-Gustav Jung, Elisabeth Kübler- Ross, Eckart Tolle, Jean Vanier

The Servant leadership: Bertrand Martin, Will Schutz, Vincent Lenhardt, Jim Collins, Stephen Covey.

Collective movement and dynamics: Frédéric Laloux, Watzlawick, Lynch et Kordis, Myriem le Saget, Vineet Nayar.

How to perform: Jim Collins, Peter Senge, Michel Leclercq, Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne.

The coach posture: François Délivré, Robert Dilts