At the heart of the Toscane Accompagnement approach, find the quadrant of Transformation. This quadrant is based on our research and helps to provide our partners with simple, concrete, inspiring and effective tools and grids that structure our approach.

This quadrant expresses that the paths to living organizations go through four territories defined by what is happening outside:  what is seen externally from people and organization (behiavours, practices, processes, rituals, what is said, shared…and so on), and what is happening inside and that is not visible externally about people and organizations (feelings, inner beliefs, intentions, what is not said, values, vision, thoughts) which touches people and what affects the collective. Our experience demonstrates that, in order to transform an organization in-depth, a systemic approach addressing these four territories is needed  to avoid unnecessary violence.

Looking at this quadrant, you could ask yourself: “In the ongoing processes in my organization or those I accompany, to what extent are the four territories taken into account in a systemic way? What is the outcome if we do not address the sytem as a whole ? “

Let us know what is your view on that!


What Toscane Accompagnement offers to organizations has been nurtured by our experience and our vision. Of course, nourished by all the researchers who have worked on these questions, and in particular Ken Wilber with his approach of the quadrant. 

Toscane calls on its partners to take nothing at face value and to confront everything with their own experience and their own vision. For things settle down not because they are true but when they are ready.

Toscane Accompagnement provides its partners with simple, applicable and inspiring methodologies. But let’s be aware that the map is not the territory, and that all models are false even if some are useful and all methodologies are reductive even if some are effective. 

Let us all keep our hindsight and freedom of mind!