Toscane, is also in belgium

Two early Toscane boys had the intuition to launch Toscane Belgium. Beyond the TOSCANE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR LEADERS AND COACHES launched in 2016, they also offer support for companies in their process of transformation in the Toscane spirit and philosophy.


In parallel to the great adventure of human and cultural transformation that Romuald Saenen and Frédéric Declerck are living with Décathlon in Belgium, they decided to launch Toscane in Belgium.

Supported by our friends, Christophe and Jacques from Toscane France, from Rémi Tremblay from “La Maison des Leaders du Québec” as well as our colleagues from Decathlon, we wish to share our personal and professional experience with those who want to embark on a path of transformation to bring more life and light to the heart of their organizations.”

Romuald and Frédéric

THE Toscane BELGIUM DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is aimed at executives, leaders, managers, but also active consultants and coaches wishing to progress, strengthen themselves, professionalize themselves in the process of cultural and organizational transformation towards empowering  and living organizations, driven by the values ​​and principles of freedom, responsibility, dignity, trust and subsidiarity.