Toscane, is also in canada

Toscane Canada is the story of a strong meeting with Lisa and Youri that took place during a learning journey to meet teal companies in Canada! Lisa Fecteau is known for having transformed her organization, Regitex. Youri, a former executive manager who became coach, accompanied us during this week with an exceptional level of commitment and professionalism.

The resonance between us was so strong that Lisa and Youri made us the joy of participating in the THE TOSCANE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR LEADERS AND COACHES in France and then, that of establishing Toscane in Canada.

The Toscane Development program in Canada is aimed at Executives, leaders, managers, but also consultants and active coaches wishing to progress, strengthen, professionalize themselves in the process of cultural and organizational transformation towards empowering organizations, carried by values ​​and principles of freedom, responsibility, dignity, trust and subsidiarity.

In a mutual resonance emerged in 2018 Toscane Canada.

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