The adventure was triggered by a conversation between Jia – a Toscane alumni woman of Chinese origin – and a senior Chinese coach, who asked “tell me Jia, do you really believe that you will see a liberated company in China during your lifetime?

Under the shock, Jia takes up the challenge, and sets in motion.

Bringing the “Toscane transformation program” to China came to her mind naturally, because she realized that she needed allies, both business leaders and coaches to contribute to this ambition, and she was deeply convinced that our mission “The most human, the most living, is the most effective sustainably” would also work in China: because, we are all humans, either French or Chinese!

Christophe, Jacques, the two founders heard Jia’s call, they trusted her, “Jia, on this China project that you are carrying, we are going with you, by your side.”

Since the start of 2016, around sixty people have followed the “Toscane Transformation Program” in China.

Three editions have been launched in Shanghai. Several hundred Chinese have participated in public seminars, listened to testimonies from business transformation leaders. A Chinese “starting team” has been created.

In this Toscane organizational transformation journey in China, french employees working in companies based in China, like Decathlon, live together with Chinese family companies;  business leaders, managers, and coaches, consultants side by side, they share their experiences and the same hopes for a world where the company is not only a place to gain profit, but also a place to develop people.