Toscane, is also in switzerland

Since I’ve met Jacques Santini and Christophe Le Buhan, the co-founders of Toscane Accompagnement, the message that Toscane carries, “the most human and the most living, it is the most effective sustainably” deeply inspires what I propose. 

“In 2016, my proximity to Toscane has grown and today it is a joy to offer the “Parcours Toscane” in Switzerland. In the last 3 years, thanks to Toscane fellows who have stood up, Toscane China, Toscane Belgium and Toscane Canada have been born. Toscane Accompagnement had to be present in Switzerland too! ” 

Gaëlle Grand-Clément

THE TOSCANE SWITZERLAND COURSE is aimed at leaders, managers, but also active consultants and coaches wishing to progress, strengthen themselves, professionalize themselves in the process of cultural and organizational transformation towards empowering and living organizations, driven by the values ​​and principles of freedom, responsibility, dignity, trust and subsidiarity.



Gaëlle Grand-clément

Gaëlle Grand-clément