a human experience to live for 12 months

5 seminars of 3 days

At the end of the Toscane program, the participants will have progressed in their ability to lead or accompany transformation processes of organizations. It is a course with a stated intention of professionalization.

« It is vain to want to transform an organization without touching the heart of man. »

The Toscane course makes this quote its own, and the professionalization it stimulates touches the head, the heart and also the deep values of the participants.

Such approaches, both personal and systemic, cannot remain theoretical: the participants work continuously on the basis of the concrete steps they implement in their field. The benefits of the course are measured concretely in personal and professional growth, but also in the progress of the transformation steps undertaken.

Each seminar is an experience to live with three levels of work and four dimensions.



 Acquisition of tools and approaches directly applicable for participants.

Adjustment of postures, because the tools and approaches take meaning and effectiveness only if they are supported with adjusted “ways of being”. It’s a “transform myself to transform others” approach.

Permanent return to the participants’ field with in-depth experience sharing, peer support and group supervision.

Four dimensions

The pedagogy of Toscane is based on the experience that each movement, each change is situated on the four territories described by the following chart:

This is how all learnings along the course integrate these four dimensions. In essence, participants become “four-territories” transformation professionals.


for who ?

The Toscane course is aimed at managers, leaders, but also consultants and coaches in activity wishing to progress, to strengthen and become more professional in supporting cultural and organizational transformations towards living, responsible organizations, driven by values of freedom, responsibility, dignity, trust and subsidiarity.

One of the key elements of pedagogy, based on the sharing of experiences and mutual assistance: it is fundamental that the participants be ready to share the bulk of their experiences and reflections with others engaged on paths of transformation. They shall be open to others and possible developments for themselves or their teams. They are invited in an attitude of humility in the face of the complexity of the problems met.

Intentions and work during the course will always have two inseparable goals:


on a personal level

Gain in interior solidity to accompany the transformation process with depth, authenticity and accuracy.

Develop our quality of presence, our depth in order to be able to put in motion people and groups accompanied.

Clarify the meaning that everyone wants to give to his actions.

on a systemic level

Strengthen my know-how, acquire and consolidate reading grids to address complexity within the transformation processes carried out or supported.

To live a collective experience that is transformative for everyone at the service of the transformation of their organization. The debriefed testimonies are at the heart of the approach.

Help and learn to be helped to understand from within all the issues related to the more lively, more flat organizations, based on subsidiarity.

the seminars

1 – To put myself in motion and express my personal drive

Because “How I am, is what really matters”

When I act and behave in accordance with my core values, I inspire trust and grow in my leadership posture. Then, I am able to put in motion groups, driven by what really matters to me.

Whatever my background, my degrees, my experience, what will make a difference in my work will always be my personal solidity, my human density and my quality of presence.

Three days to install the posture and the fundamentals of Toscane’s approach. Learning to share experiences more than passing on knowledge. To be able to induce personal changes while aiming at systemic effectiveness.

2 – Strengthen my posture and coaching practices

“Helping others find their own way”

I develop my coaching skills to help others grow in autonomy.

These three days are at the heart of the key shift between “I command and I control” and “I trust and support”.

They make work an essential skill that is at the basis of all personal and collective movement: resonance.

Acquire and consolidate tools, landmarks, reflexes… yes, of course! But the key is in my quality of presence. Fueled with the desire for the other to progress, I develop a “value creation approach”, that stimulates his capacity for autonomy and responsibility.

3 – Know how to put in motion in complex environments

“I don’t control complexity, I live in it”

Transformations at the four territories are not complicated, they are complex. Each time we touch a territory, the other three start moving, especially those who take on individual and collective feelings.

Leaving the illusion that I can control this complexity by an action plan, even complicated, and accepting complexity, is not so easy. I can only do it if I’m equipped with tools and if I have the right posture.

Three days to become more of a professional in the piloting of change management approaches in complexity. It is a key competence.

We provide a complete method, around an effective metaphor: “The engine Feeling-Sense-Action”.

4 – I learn to mobilize the collective intelligence of the greatest number

“The energy of meaning and the power of shared rules”

Calling for the resources, creativity, intelligence and wisdom of the greatest number of people asks those in charge to open up to an astonishing power, the power of the “humble position”. The dominant ego is a killer of enterprise and projects, a destroyer of values and collective performance.

Three days to learn even more about daring to trust, in approaches that involve tens or thousands of employees around a common vision for a shared adventure.

Three days to combine the power of momentum and the discipline of the frame, because no authentic freedom without frame.

Three days to develop the inner change of “servant leader”, modest for himself and full of a great will for the organization he leads, benevolent and demanding.

5 – Learn to integrate all components of a transformation approach.

“All approaches have common points of passage.”

Carrying or accompanying a long-term process of transformation on the four territories is always a singular adventure. It embarks on a group of people with a history, a culture, a human and strategic context, resources and fragilities.

However, experience shows that all cultural and organizational transformations have common components. We have spotted them, named them, articulated within a consistent approach.

We have been working on them since the beginning of the journey and it is the moment of deeper integration, of taking a step back from the path we have travelled.

It is the time to give meaning and power to the processes, postures and tools developed, shared, & experienced during the 12 months Toscane program, taking into account my personality and my constraints.

The mindset of Toscane

It is an in-depth work that is targeted, not just a superficial change in behaviour and skills.

In that sense, the proposed approach is a growth process in which the group sets itself up as a support group for each member. The knowledge, experience and know-how provided by the facilitators will be added to the participants’ experience.

Each participant is considered responsible for his own development.

pratical informations

The spirit of this course is professionalizing and is part of an approach for participants of progression, training, supervision.

550 € per day for companies and organizations, therefore a total of 8 250 € VAT not included
350 € per day for individual companies and very small businesses, therefore a total of 5 250 € VAT not included
300 € TTC per day for individuals, therefore a total of 4 500 € VAT included

+ Participation to meeting room fees 40 € VAT not included / day

Accommodation and catering to be organized by yourself