The system of expression of the living

For more than twenty years, we have been involved in organizations of all sizes and sectors. We have helped to resolve so many situations and accompanied so many paths of transformation. We have learned that we cannot do much without the energy and dynamism of individuals and organizations.

Basically, we create the conditions for the life that was blocked to pass again between people, in the teams, in the projects, in our structures. It is life that flows that unravels situations and makes people grow.

The good news is that mobilizing vital energy within an organization, working for life to irrigate and transform our organizations, is a skill. We can learn it, practice it, transmit it. And it is durably effective!

At the root of this competence, there is a principle so simple that it takes time to perceive its power and enter its depth: life moves forward within our projects following a movement in three stages: “Feeling, Sense, Action … Feeling, Sense, Action… Feeling, Sense, Action” and so on. We call this perpetual movement: the “Engine Feeling, Sense, Action”.

Opening up to complexity 

Daring the depth 

Practice the resonance 

Experience the magical “AND” 

With these 4 executive skills, we can take action with the tools of that help life flow. They put into action the “Engine Feeling, Sense, Action” in interviews, meetings, processes, projects and human & strategic approaches that make the organization a living ecosystem or a structure that freezes life.

Then, they open up to structural transformations: simplifications of processes and hierarchical lines, implementation of subsidiarity, autonomous teams, management of areas of value creation by circles, agility, revisited methods of decision-making, shared governance…

Being aware that each organization has its own path and its specific pitfalls.

Our tools, our reading grids and our approaches are structured, but each partner, whether a company, an organization, whether private, public, multinational or local, represents a very special adventure. It is necessary to support each one in a creative way, to help them find their very specific way to let life flow for real!

That’s what makes our job of coach and facilitator so exciting.